Wait…you were gone?


Yup- I just got back from speaking in Idaho.

Last night we gave our speech to a group that one of our clients put together. I delivered My Brain Has a Hole In It while  Jill followed up with why disability is so important.  I think the message hit home because I could see a lot of the poeple talking afterward.  Then we gave each attendee a Painful Blessing book write by Jill.

My host showed me the responses: all 5’s…followed up by one 4. If a 4 was the worst I could do, I am quite happy!

Jill and I went for a walk  before we left this morning. It was 38 degrees in Boise.   I absolutely loved the weather; it was so brisk and refreshing!  I hope to go back there again. Everybody was fantastic and so welcoming!

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