Did you ever feel like quitting?


I go through phases when I don’t know what I going to do.  Did you ever go through that? It is awful!  I used to think: what should I do?   But now I realize I have income…and that I am ok! I never had that opportunity before to wait for my success!  It is a bit disturbing!

The problem: I don’t want to rely on that income; I guess my pride gets in the way.  I don’t mind charging others for information that I ONLY have.  I am proud to give my talk and watch people grow. My problem is it takes longer than I planned on it taking.  There…I said it: I don’t like waiting!

Should I keep on the activity the takes me closer to my goal?  I am at the 3 year mark and still not at my goal…but I am getting closer!  People have said it takes a long time, but I just didn’t believe them!

Thanks for listening.   Back to work!

1 thought on “Did you ever feel like quitting?

  1. Yup, I hear wanting to quit! Sometimes I don’t think quitting is a bad thing – it depends on a lot. I think what takes the most courage is taking a hard look at your reality and deciding — does this really make sense? It it best for me and my family? What’s the most important thing? Security or pride? Stability or reaching my dream? Quitting doesn’t mean always mean failure. It’s the honest and difficult re-evaluation and decision that matters. But either way — I am proud of you for going for it and think you are amazing. And if you keep going, awesome! If you try another route, awesome! You and Jill are both an inspiration.

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