# 1 on the BLOG list…


I had an idea.  What if I looked at the 37 Blog Post Ideas I got from Andrea Sullenger and picked one idea to write about?  Let us see how it goes.

First on the list: What idea that triggered your start?

That’s easy: I had a stroke.

After people learned about what had happened, they all wanted to meet with me when I came back. The problem was that I came back too soon.  I would walk into a meeting, with Jill by my side, and I couldn’t say anything.  I knew what I wanted to say, but it wouldn’t come out.

Then, I had a plan.  I would practice BEFORE the meeting and I felt I really understood the meeting before I arrived.  But when I arrived, the same thing would happen.  I would get stuck after 1 quick sentence.  I couldn’t even get out the information I had practiced.

Then I had another great idea: I would be part of The Olsen Group’s Team.  It seemed like a good idea, but really, I still couldn’t talk.  Jill would fill in where I couldn’t.  It turned out to be Jill 90%, Me 10%!

I had tried it for two years. What could I do?  Stay with the Olsen Group and get paid for something Jill did?

During all this, I was going to deliver a speech to my friends who had helped us though this ordeal.  I practiced the speech for 8 months before I was able to deliver it. Then the night came.  When I was done, the audience stood and applauded!  I couldn’t believe it; each person was moved in a different way.  The response: Tell this story to EVERYONE!

So, you have my 80 friends to thank!

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