What should I do differently?

What_Are_You_Doing_Differently_1Remember I am getting closer…but no cigar yet?  It didn’t go well!  The two I heard back from…and who seemed promising…turned out going the wrong way.  In other words, they choose not to use me.

I am going to the NSA show next week and wanted something positive to say to my mentors.  What will I tell them?  I really can’t blame anyone but myself.  What can I do differently?  I sent an email to one contact and asked him to give me feedback on what I could have done better.  He responded right away, so I am trying to connect.

I would appreciate anything that you can offer.

  • Should I give up…or keep trying.
  • What should I do differently?
  • Should I change what I speaking about?
  • Any tips?


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