I am back!

IMG_0208That’s right; I was in Washington DC last week.  It was the National Convention of the NSA (National Speakers Conference)…not to be confused with the OTHER NSA.  Last year, to end the confusion, the NSA team went through a major restructuring and became PLATFORM.  That didn’t go over very well, so the NSA team nuked their plan and kept the NSA name.  Now you are up to date!


I am back…Jill went to Washington DC with me.  I went to the conference during the day and we got together at night.  During the day, they had a heat wave…98 with humidity factor bringing it to 105 degrees! She went to the museums during the day and at night we went for walks around town. It was so beautiful.

I am glad to be back home; I learned a lot and can’t wait to put it into action.

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