Wait…didn’t you want to be an accountant?

That’s right: I was all set to be an accountant.

It was June and I was home from college. I answered the ad, thinking it was something else…and it turned out to be sales for Cutco.

When I told my father about the interview, he said “you didn’t take that job, right? You want to be an accountant.” “No”, I responded, I did.  And I had to buy $200 of samples so I can demo the knives in the prospects homes.”  He said “but you HATE sales.”  I replied “I thought I did, but I liked the way HE explained it.”

I started out and soon became the top performer in the office.  When it was time to start college in September, I was considering not going to college and just selling Cutco.  I  explained to my father that my boss didn’t go to college…and he was doing GREAT.  My father quickly left the room, celebrating me NOT finishing college. He was happy! He finished 8th grade and dropped out of school to care for his mom.

My mother had a talk with me and told me to finish college.  I could keep selling knifes; but college should be first on the agenda. I gave it some thought. I decided to quit selling Cutco and focus on my college years because they were going by so quick.  It  was a wise choice.  I graduated from FDU with a degree in Marketing and THEN began my career in sales.  .

Now, my daughter just started a career in…SALES. I can not believe my little girl is actually TRYING sales. I said it before: I am so proud of her!

BTW: I will continue the story in my future blog posts

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