My little girl graduated yesterday!


My little girl graduated from the University of Oregon, School of Journalism with a Public Relations degree.  We enjoyed the occasion with my brother and sister in-law and with my wifes’ parents.


I am SO proud of her.  She got this job all on her own.  To me, this means she CAN do it.

For 4 years, she has talked about doing ANYTHING except sales.  So what did my girl decide???  Yup…she will start a job in sales!!!

I am very proud of her…especially since I didn’t even mention it to her.  Now we will wait and see.  Does she have what it takes to be good?  I think she will surprise you!

2 thoughts on “My little girl graduated yesterday!

  1. Gordon & Jill . . . this is a big milestone. Congrats to the graduate, of course, but also to her ‘rents!

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