May I ask you a question?

imagesI am on a number of Blog boards where I get information on people who had strokes and want information.  This person had a stroke 5 days ago and is looking for some hope:

hi everyone.  I recently had a stroke and I am having so much frustration and difficulty with family trying to understand what are some great things I can give them to help them understand me and my emotions. They seem just as frustrated as I am and it is hard to tell them what is going on with words. I find the more I talk, the slower my speech becomes. Is this normal?

Getting this lets me know I am on the right track.  I wrote back:

Just take each day as It comes…and be greatful you are alive! Your other side will come back; it just takes time.  My stroke was 7 years ago.  I couldn’t move my right fingers for 4 years and I still have my issues with speech. But I wake each day, kiss my beautiful wife and am blessed to have one more day. Just relax and know that your friends are with you.

Did this make sense? I think it was positive, but I want YOUR opinion.

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