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Why do you speak about such a painful subject?
I won’t lie—talking about the stroke and recovery experience and reliving the pain and emotion is hard.  However, we decided it is worth doing.  Gordon’s options for gainful employment were pretty much taken away by the stroke but doing nothing was not acceptable to us.  At every speech we have given, someone from the audience has shared their own painful experience with us and thanked us for giving them hope and encouragement.  That is reason enough for us.

Why does Gordon only have 2 speeches?
The most stubborn and impactful deficits from Gordon’s stroke are his inability to organize his thoughts and then get the words out.  Because of his cognitive inflexibility, any changes to his fully prepared speeches require months of practice to be able to speak to an audience.  As a result, he sticks to his script.  We have made a few changes over time but right now, Gordon needs consistency to be an effective speaker.

Jill Viggiano

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  1. As a person with a disability and one who works with people with disabilities, I so appreciate your “I am not taking this laying down” attitude. Keep up the fight!!!! God’s speed and love your way.

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