That’s my girl!

My daughter, Rachel, took her first step as an adult. She got her first interview!

Rachel got an interview with a company that really excites her …and she got the interview all by herself. I am so proud of her!  First step: she had a IQ test today and she just called to tell us how it went. They took her though a bunch of logic questions. Hopefully, she gave the correct answer.

Personally, I would like her to go with a company that fits her style; that is why they test.  She took some mock interviews with her uncle, a retired SVP of OppenheimerFunds. He told her she was excellent. His remarks really gave her the confidence she needed.

It’s a first step, and she did it on her own!  BTW: she is not reading the blog, so I can speak the truth. What this means: she can get other interviews if she TRIES…and that is positive. Unlike when I was in school, an interview DOES NOT equal a job.  Upon graduation, I had 3 job offers. Those days are over. Now, it takes around 10 interviews to get ONE job!

With us as her cheerleaders, I think she will do fine.

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