Happy VD Day…

I meant, Valentines Day.  I know what you were thinking…

My bride went to see our son, Tom, and I stayed at home working on our taxes.  Working on your taxes is not fun…and I thank god for not having me major in accounting. But I digress.

With Jill gone for a few hours, I decided to plan for our Valentines dinner…which I did.   I went thru old  cookbooks…IMG_0567

and found a delicious recipe : Creamy Tomato with Hoop Cheese.  It sound disgusting, but is it wonderful.  Instead of hoop cheese (horrible), we used ricotta (great).  Try it…it is fantastic.


I used to cook, before I had my stroke. I would peruse through my various cookbooks and pick out something (always vegetarian) that Jill would eat. I would serve Chianti and cook dinner for my family.  It was really fun.

But is different now. My kids are in college so Jill is the only person I must impress.  Thank god she is easy. My cooking has been replaced with just choosing the recipe.  However, I am not giving up on cooking yet. You may remember…that I cut an orange…so we will see!

For more information, click here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.33.16 PM

Pasta Light Cook Book


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