We were featured on the Radio!

KKPZ featured Jill Viggiano on their recent radio program!  Did you hear it?

If you didn’t to listen, KKPZ gave us a link to the program so more people could hear our talk.  Actually, the talk was mostly Jill speaking.  I had trouble getting my words out!  If you listen closely, you MAY hear me mutter a few things.

When you listen to it, send me a note (back to this blog page) and let me know what you thought of it.  Was it too long, too short, was there good info on it, etc.

2 thoughts on “We were featured on the Radio!

  1. Hello Gordon,
    I listened to the interview last week. I was really impressed with the content and details. I’ve been a family caregiver and am now a caregiver through Home Instead. I read Jill’s book and have passed it on to two friends and will recommend it to Home Instead for their resource library and to another friend, a parish nurse, for her group’s library.
    You two are beacons of what caregiving AND care receiving are all about. Thank you for sharing your story.

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