8 speeches this month…

I guess that is good.  We are getting the word out and we are starting to get all-paid gigs.  FYI, a gig is what the hardcore people in the NSA (National Speakers Association)  call contracts.  I didn’t know that!

Anyway, we are on a roll.  Now I am thinking about my blog.  I want to keep writing it, but want some feedback on what I should write about.   Should I refer to other blog stories?  Should I mention other places you can go to find information?  Should I just focus on what I am thinking?  HELP!

Take 10 seconds and reply.  What should I do?  I need your help!

2 thoughts on “8 speeches this month…

  1. You might consider adding inspirational stories similar to yours or links to web sites like Caringbridge to engage your followers in a broader “story line” . . . but not sure to what end???? Is there a way to mobilize our collective compassion?

  2. I’d love to just hear about your life. And, if you are too busy to keep up with major blog stories then just write that, “wow, I’m busy!”. I am one of the students whom you presented to last year and I think the process of writing this blog is more therapeutic than it may seem. I have a sincere interest in your life as a stroke survivor and to be able to be a part of your ongoing recovery is special. You provide me with an educational opportunity everytime I open the link to your blog. I love to see you grow. 🙂

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