Since I have had my new action plan in place (for 3 days), I have gotten a few nibbles.  I started out sending the email out to the people I have had trouble reaching, and three of them have responded!

This really excites me!  Here’s the process I am following:

  • Get emails and phone numbers
  • Send 1st email
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt
  • When I reach prospect, schedule appointment ONLY; don’t talk about it
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation to understand their needs (Still working on it)
  • After talk, if appropriate, tell the prospect I want to present 3 options
  • Set appointment date
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Close

I better start working on the scripted presentation. This may be the turning point….

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