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Sure…I guess this is ok.

Naturally, I want it to be more.  I am ALWAYS wanting more.  But I have to stay calm and BUILD my business.  The problem is that I hate it when I am NOT building my business.  Everyday I should be making phone calls, meeting with people, networking, etc.

The problem is that I don’t talk very well.  See the dilemma?

Sometimes I tape record the calls.  I have had meetings when I thought I was spectacular and I couldn’t wait to hear how I sounded.  I turn on the tape and each time I am stunned. I can’t believe what I am hearing.  I THINK I am doing a good job, but when I hear myself speak, I realize that all the people AROUND me are the ones being kind. I am terrible…even after 6.5 years.

When I talk…and read from a script, I do great.  But when I try to improvise, that is where I fall down. I am thinking about scripting MORE of my calls.   What do you think?

1 thought on “YES…4 more speeches this month!

  1. Why don’t you do half and half? Some scripted, so you say everything important and then maybe answer the questions or have some unscripted. Anyone who has heard you speak or knows of your experience will be willing to wait or to interpret if needed. I know that whenever I see an eamil from you or Jill I just can’t help but smile. You are both an inspiration to me as individuals but also as a couple. Keep up the great work. You are a blessing to all you touch! Jan

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