Top 3 Reasons Why I Love TODAY!

Does that sound weird….loving everyday?  I only started feeling that way AFTER I had my stroke.

What changed?  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see is my beautiful wife.  So each day, I begin with a smile. So what makes me happy?

1. The Weather.  It can rain, snow, be sunny, cloudy, cold…whatever.  I just marvel at each day.

2. My Appointments.  I have appointments almost every day and I truly like all the people that I meet.  They make me feel energized.

3. Life. Everyday is precious. I just marvel how blessed I feel to know such wonderful people in my life.

What has changed?  The stroke….and I am glad I had it!!! (Don’t tell Jill!!)  If I didn’t, I would be missing these awesome things… everyday.

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