Talking about IMPORTANT things

I had the honor of speaking at a fundraiser for Wilderness Journey Ministries this weekend.  IMG_0424They do the wonderful work of helping families and loved ones communicate effectively and lovingly when a life-threatening diagnosis is received.  I love their slogan: “Helping families face a life-threatening illness holding Christ’s hand.”

It seems a bit surreal sometimes to be the person offering perspective and encouragement to others in need.  It just wasn’t that long ago when I was the one in need.  I am so happy to offer hope by being an example of successful, ongoing recovery.  With each story of not-so-successful recovery, I am reminded how important The Team is!  No one recovers alone.

Hearing stories of families who needed a terminal illness to finally learn how to talk about the important things was an eye-opener.  I guess we put off those important discussions because we assume there is always tomorrow so why rush it?  Every story included the realization that having the important conversations brought them closer and they were sorry they waited so long.  Good lesson to learn.

Jill Viggiano

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  1. Jill and Gordon, Thank You so much for your participation in our fundraiser 10/19. We were all inspired and blessed by your sharing the challenges and successes that you and Gordon have shared in his recovery. The importance of having that hope through faith was so well communicated. May your future speaking engagements touch those who are seeking the hope they need and continue to offer you the blessing of turning a life threatening event into a new purpose for living. Lovingly, Nancy Espinoza

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