My poor Husband…

In case you read Gordon’s post from yesterday–I am sorry.  After he wrote about struggling with speech, he noted that he was going to write an “FU” script.  Please know that in his mind, that meant a ‘Follow Up” script, not a middle finger script.

I asked him if he read that post out loud so he could hear how it sounded BEFORE he clicked Publish.  He said yes and was a little offended at the implication that there were problems with it.  After all, he spends a lot of time writing those posts.  When I read it out loud to him, we both had a good laugh.  Thank God that through all this, Gordon has kept his sense of humor.

Although he didn’t mean it to be this way, Gordon’s last post demonstrated his difficulty with language and organized thinking.  We have been talking about his aphasia for 6 years.  Suddenly, for some unknown reason, he latched onto it this week as if it were a big surprise.  Is his sudden awareness of language difficulty a step forward or a step backward?

Jill Viggiano

5 thoughts on “My poor Husband…

  1. In my medical world, that would have made sense to me and no offense. We use that abbreviation for Follow Up appointments all the time. I have looked at it and read it and said it out loud many times wondering what the “regular” world would think of it. No offense taken!!

  2. This one made me laugh out loud (LOL). I have had people give me the FU speech before but I haven’t delivered one myself yet.


  3. Gordon, I get the blog updates in my email inbox and I have come to really look forward to reading them. I enjoy hearing your perspective and they always brighten my day. I just had to write to tell you that the post about the “FU” script did not make me even bat an eyelash. I worked for a medical insurance company for years where we were always writing “FU” on emails, memos, post-it notes, etc. as a means to communicate with each other about needing to follow up on an issue or a problem. When I left there and got a job at a veterinary clinic, I inadvertently offended the doctors there in my first week because I wrote “FU” on a couple of files and letters that they needed to follow up on. Fortunately after I explained myself we all had a good laugh. Isn’t it funny how one thing can have two very different meanings depending on the setting you are in? I was glad to get the second post about both you and Jill laughing about it and then I had a chuckle too. Thanks again, Valerie Gaskill

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