Love the Library!

IMG_0431I had the great privilege of speaking at our public library last night.  In the audience was my wonderful social worker from the rehab hospital, stroke survivors, cancer survivors, caregivers, friends, and people who just love the library.  My speech went well but it was the Q&A that really stood out for me.

Once I stepped away from the podium and into the middle of the audience, stroke survivors who struggle with speech began asking questions and telling their stories.  Cancer survivors and caregivers told their own stories of teamwork and overcoming.  We talked about books and support groups and other resources that helped us.  We laughed and encouraged each other for nearly an hour!

Interaction with the audience is always my favorite part of being a speaker.  Last night was another example of the power of sharing and being vulnerable and acknowledging our weaknesses.

Jill Viggiano

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