I have aphasia!



There…I said it!  I have aphasia.

I really don’t think I thought about it; I just KNEW something was wrong with me.

Aphasia is kind of scary; It means you can’t get words out. The minute I hear a aphasia, I think of the guys who can only say Yes and No…and that’s it…that is all they could a say!

I don’t want people to put me in that group. But I do have problems getting the words out…especially when it has to do my life now.  I can talk to people quite easily. I can ask about their job, where they went to school, what they are working on now, sports, etc.  When they start to ask about ME, that’s where I have trouble.  I can’t tell them what I do!!!  My own WIFE has trouble asking me about what I do.  I don’t know WHY I have such a tough time with this.

The result: I just freeze!!!  Nothing comes out.  People here this and will say… I have aphasia.    That is where I want to prove them wrong.

I am beginning to try scripting the FU talk, and I THINK it will work.  I just need to test it on a few people and see how it goes.  If the script works, I will have the next phase in my marketing plan working!

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