What more can I learn?

mobile-learning-tech-online-edI was thinking I could learn a few more things to boost me to the next level.  The TRUE answer: I need to learn EVERYTHING!

After accepting the fact, I felt kind of relieved.  I DON’T know everything and nobody expects me to! You don’t know how freeing this was.

I thought :                                                The truth is:
My website was killer                                It needs some work

I thought :                                                The truth is:
My speech was ready                               It needs some work

I thought :                                                The truth is:
My sales process was working                   It needs some work

The GOOD news:  I found my angel…and she agreed to do it… for free!

I met her while she presented at the NSA Convention.  I got her address and I mailed her Jill’s book just to thank her.   She received it, read the book and attempted to email me the next morning.  She was up at 6:00am HER time, which was 4:00am here!  She told me how much she enjoyed the book and how she want to help us.  Do you believe that?

What a gift!

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