From this, to this….

nsa         TOperform


I went on my first National Speakers Association meeting, and came back a different person…in more ways then you think!

Let me back up.  I was told that my first meeting would be my most memorable and they were right.  First, they teamed me up with a “buddy” who took me under his wing. We met in the morning and then in the evening every one of the three days.  My first meeting was alright, but I didn’t know what to ask. But then I met him after the session and had a ton of questions.  And guess what?  He answered each one.  Then he told me that ALL members were here to help.  If I had a question, I should just ask.

And I did.  I met with a former NBA player, a former radio announcer, former football player…just to name a few.  And they all gave me answers to my questions.  I don’t know about you, but my experience is that people are guarded at these shows.  But not these people. They were a wonderful group and I proud to be associated with them.

OK, back to the topic. While I went to the meeting as an National Speakers Association member, I came back as a member of PLATFORM.   Inform.   Influence.  Inspire.

At this point, I think it is fine.  People lit-up the NSA (not National Security Administration which was a reason for the change) Facebook site with concerns.  But I won’t let those concerns bother me.  I now have a ton of ideas to work on in building my business.  I figure the other people can worry about the name change.

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