You um…. eh;;;; It is… um

how to do_126753842How do you put a presentation into Keynote?  This was PERFECT for me to help another person.  I have done it many times with my wife.  Now I have  the chance of helping someone else.

We were in a Birrdsong meeting and I was asked to help this person with his presentation. I said “Sure” and said I would talk to him after the meeting.

After the meeting. I asked about his project.  He said he had the entire presentation already written.  This was huge!  All that was left was picking out the images.  So I started to explain,  “????????”  I couldn’t get my words out.  I knew exactly what to say, but couldn’t say it!  I kept trying, but could’t seem to get the right words out in any order.  I took a couple of more tries and I said “put the words in BLUE ink that you want to show an image.”  I THINK that made sense.  We will see what he comes up with.

My wife wasn’t there, or she would have laughed.  Sometimes you have to find joy in everything.  Jill does that really well and I admire that trait.

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