You just need to plug in your computer…and



I was thinking about my speech at the IAHU conference last week. We got to the program a bit early, because I didn’t know what to expect.  Luckily, there was an IT person available who told me what to do. The only problem, I was supposed to do it AFTER I can up to the podium.

Fortunately, the fear of not being ready doesn’t bother me since I had the stroke.  That’s good! I would hook up the computer and sound once I was got up to the podium. The only thing that continues to bother me is sound.

Yup…you head it correctly.  Sound bothers me.  The sound doesn’t bother me at first.

When started to arrive, the sound was just a few muddled voices. But when the sound got   really LOUD, I almost shut down!

When we got there to set up, it was fine.  But as the people started to arrive, Jill saw the sign on my face.  I shut down!  She whisked me from the room to a nice quiet place.  I know I say it a lot: she’s the best.  When the crowd started to take their chairs, she brought me back into the room. Thankfully, no one noticed.

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