He’s back!

Six years and one month post-stroke, I feel that Gordon’s personality is 100% back.  What a relief!  When he was in the rehab hospital, therapists warned me that the man I took home from the hospital could be a very different person than the man who went in.  If the stroke affects a certain part of the brain, the survivor’s personality could be completely changed.

For the first few post-stroke years, Gordon’s personality was all over the place–from naughty child to domineering husband to sweet, loving, gentle soul.  There were glimpses of the Old Gordon but nothing that could be relied upon.  Slowly but surely, those glimpses turned into longer stretches of time while the wild, erratic personality changes faded.

Gordon still works daily on his thinking and speaking issues and he still does strengthening exercises for the right side of his body.  But I believe he is now doing these things with pre-stroke Gordon’s personality.  It is good to have him back.

Jill Viggiano

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