Painful Blessing WINS!

shutterstock_122038105It is affirmative: Painful Blessing IS the name of Jill’s new book!  It was neck and neck for awhile, but Painful Blessings WON. BTW, this isn’t the cover yet.

What were the other names?

  • His Brain Has A Hole In It
  • A Painful Blessing
  • Our Painful Blessing
  • The Stroke
  • His Stroke

I hope you like the name!

What have we done?

  • Jill got a neighbor who agreed to host our FIRST author party
  • We have someone who will design the cover
  • Jill and I are getting cover photos in two weeks
  • David is continuing to work on the book

David still has to give it a few more hours, but what he did so far looks FANTASTIC!  I feel so honored to be involved with Jill’s project.

I still need to find someone who will add my book to the site. Wish me luck.


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