How Frustrating

shutterstock_116071201Did this ever happen to you?

I set up a meeting and put it on our calendars.  On my way to the meeting, Jill, my wife, always asks “what do want to accomplish in this meeting.”  I will always start…and attempt to finish.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I can’t get the words out.

It happened today on our way to the American Stroke Association. She saw me getting frustrated and she  asked in a different way.  The problem is…I still won’t be able to get the words out. I just sat there…in silence…trying…and trying…but not getting the words out.  I am SO happy I have her following me where ever I go.

I tell her all the time how proud I am to have her as my wife; she never lets me down. When I get quiet, she pitches in.  The problem is I don’t know when I will be silent.  This little bit of trivia keeps our marriage alive. I found the perfect wife!


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