DO NOT read this BLOG if you don’t want to see my “other” side

IMG_0138IMG_0188Can you believe it?  Jill Krantz is 54 years old TODAY!  I don’t want to gush, but I can’t help it.

I had just spent my weekend with Jane, Dave and Jill is Southern California in January 1989 .  When I got home, I decided to call Jane and thank her for the good time.  “Unfortunately”, Jill answered the phone and told me Jane was sleeping.  I said “that’s ok” and I began my conversation with Jill.  When I got off the phone, I called my mom and told her “Jill is the one I want to marry.”

She said “Wonderful. How long have you known Jill?”  I said “Counting my talk today… three days.”  I couldn’t describe it, but I think there was silence on the phone for about two minutes.  Then, in true Rita fashion, she said “Congratulations.  I knew you would find the perfect girl.”

Jill and I talked everyday from then on.  In March, I proposed to her.  This wasn’t the “will you marry me” kind of proposal.  Since she was in LA (Southern California)  and I was in San Francisco (Northern California) , I had to propose on the phone.  This way, if she said no, it wouldn’t make the rest of the weekend BAD.  I gave my standard greeting on the answering machine, the I said : “If this is Jill Krantz, will you marry me?”

When I called my phone at 4:00pm, I can’t believe as the YES’s I got…from all my male friends…and no YES from Jill.  I was crushed!  I was thinking “I am glad I didn’t do it in person.”  I got home that night and the message light was blinking.  It was probably Jill explaining why she didn’t want to marry me.  Could I blame her?  I wasn’t making a salary, I was in huge debt and I wasn’t sure how long our company would be in existence.  Great Catch?  I don’t think so.

I sat down and pressed the button.   It was Jill…and she said “YES!”I was ecstatic!  The girl of my dreams said YES.  I made a commitment: “I will honor my wife…forever.”

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