My Brain Has a Hole In It

Your life is fantastic!  In a few weeks, you arranged to take your family to a beautiful water park hotel. You are going to splash away in the indoor water park, explore activities and attractions throughout the resort, and experience delicious on-site dining too. How great is that?

Then, the unimaginable happens…and your life is changed forever!

My talk is about how being disabled took me out of my profession at 51 years old.  And yes, good did come out of it. Now I truly DO have message:  When I woke up and EVERYTHING was taken away from me, I truly found out the ONE MOST important thing:  Each morning, I am blessed that I am alive ONE MORE DAY!

Audiences will laugh, cry, and be inspired as Gordon and Jill discuss this life-changing experience and the life-lessons gained from their struggle. The disability insurance agents tell us that they learned not take NO for an answer. He is the disability guru!

When I do my post-presentation calls, I always get the following responses:

  • Passion with delivering the message
  • We all, without exception, go thru similar circumstances
  • 2 calls to action are powerful

Perfect for:
Insurance/Financial Professionals gain hope and perspective from an amazing journey
Risk Management Professionals appreciate their role in Gordon and Jill’s success
Meeting Planners set a tone of inspiration and possibility for their attendees

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” It forces us to think about our lives in a different way-both from a personal and professional stand point.  Change is a part of all of our lives, but we somehow think that terrible and traumatic events will never be a part of our lives.  You show us how we can overcome small and enormous adversity.”


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Gordon Viggiano was a healthy, active, no risk factor man who still managed to suffer a massive stroke on his 51st birthday.  As a lifelong entrepreneur and businessman, he always had a plan, but his plans never included something like this. Gordon Viggiano is the BEST inspirational, motivational and uplifting speaker on the planet. He is the disability guru and the Portland Oregon Speaker. He is the number one disability insurance sales speaker!