How to make one sale a day

They actually told my daughter, Rachel, she would accomplish that her first week…and that is EXACTLY WHAT SHE ACCOMPLISHED: one sale a day. What will week two be???


We were having dinner and she told me how she had, for the first week, one sale a day!  I can’t tell you how PROUD I am of her.  She is ACTUALLY doing sales. Not thinking about it, but doing it. Consumer direct sales is, what I think, the toughest sales there is.  And my little girl is doing it.  I told her again: the prospect is NOT saying no to you; there are saying no to your offer.  Improve your offer and you will see your sales go up.

I think the trainers are doing a good job.  They started her off, right away, selling.  Sure, she will have her stumbles, but she will also have her successes.  I am guessing they didn’t like my referral idea.  I don’t want to interfere on what they are training her to do. I will say this: REFERRALS s are BEST way to get sales.  But I am a little bias.

That’s my girl!

My daughter, Rachel, took her first step as an adult. She got her first interview!

Rachel got an interview with a company that really excites her …and she got the interview all by herself. I am so proud of her!  First step: she had a IQ test today and she just called to tell us how it went. They took her though a bunch of logic questions. Hopefully, she gave the correct answer.

Personally, I would like her to go with a company that fits her style; that is why they test.  She took some mock interviews with her uncle, a retired SVP of OppenheimerFunds. He told her she was excellent. His remarks really gave her the confidence she needed.

It’s a first step, and she did it on her own!  BTW: she is not reading the blog, so I can speak the truth. What this means: she can get other interviews if she TRIES…and that is positive. Unlike when I was in school, an interview DOES NOT equal a job.  Upon graduation, I had 3 job offers. Those days are over. Now, it takes around 10 interviews to get ONE job!

With us as her cheerleaders, I think she will do fine.

Can we talk for a minute?

I thought about it a lot …and I feel the need to say something…my kids are awesome!

I know what your thinking: they probably look at my site a few times a week to see how I am doing.  No! …But to be fair,  if my father had a website, I wouldn’t have look at it either.

Why am I excited?  My kids are becoming REAL people!


Rachel (21) is attending here last year at Universally of Oregon.

Rachel came home for 1 day this weekend and we had a fabulous time.  We did our weekly run (Einsteins, Target and Costco) and then we went to Ikea. We had a great time.  Then we went to the car wash (for the outside) and we cleaned the inside.  While we cleaned the car, she told me what is in her plans after she graduates.  I must say, I was really impressed with how much thought she has given her future. file.rTom (19) is attending Oregon State.

Tom only comes homes come when school is out.  The way I see it, he is finding himself and I think the time away is good.  I realize I am completely stupid now, but hopefully I will start gaining knowledge when he gets into his 20’s.  This is what happened to my father and me.  He made amazing strides when I reached 25.

I just want to say how proud I am of our 2 adults!  They both reached out to us today and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with them.

My site is finished?

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.45.44 PM

I thought my site was finished…when I first launched it 2 years ago.   Boy, have I been wrong.   My web site is evolving.  My first site was built by me with tools I got from Yahoo. It looked BAD….but I was proud of it.  Too bad I didn’t keep any of my pages to show you.

Then I switched to a “professionally” administered site. He built the site in a tool I didn’t recognize.  It was good for awhile, but my tech didn’t understand WordPress and that was the tool I used for my blog.

In February, I decided to go with Nigel.  He would build my site on Wordpess ONLY, and get it to do what I wanted. At the time, I was changing my site from “My Brain Has A Hole In It” to “My Brain LLC.”   BUT I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I kept with my old site while I launched my new site.  A BIG mistake.

So this month, I decided to change EVERYTHING. It wasn’t pleasant, but now, it is working.  I must admit, this time the site is really cool.  Check out my new site:

So is my site finished?  Nope!