Top 3 Reasons Why I Love TODAY!

Does that sound weird….loving everyday?  I only started feeling that way AFTER I had my stroke.

What changed?  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see is my beautiful wife.  So each day, I begin with a smile. So what makes me happy?

1. The Weather.  It can rain, snow, be sunny, cloudy, cold…whatever.  I just marvel at each day.

2. My Appointments.  I have appointments almost every day and I truly like all the people that I meet.  They make me feel energized.

3. Life. Everyday is precious. I just marvel how blessed I feel to know such wonderful people in my life.

What has changed?  The stroke….and I am glad I had it!!! (Don’t tell Jill!!)  If I didn’t, I would be missing these awesome things… everyday.

They put your book in the gift shop?

IMG_0363Recently, I was walking through the hospital where Gordon spent his first few weeks post-stroke.  As I walked through those familiar halls, I noticed that the hospital’s gift shops offered many books for sale, none of which dealt with recovery, hope, or encouragement.  I was shocked!

Gordon and I immediately decided to pursue getting “Painful Blessing” into a hospital gift shop.  After all, we cannot be the only people who need encouraging words and hope to get through those awful, early days.

As of this week, “Painful Blessing” is available in the gift shop at OHSU!  I pray copies of the book get into the hands of people who need it, whoever they may be.  I pray that they will be encouraged to face their challenges and to hope for the blessings that God has for them.

Jill Viggiano