Do you want to laugh at this horrible truth???

I still have this horrible trouble answering questions!

Language is difficult for me.  Organizing my thoughts is even harder.  Even now…If you and I were to briefly speak to one another, ….you might think my cognition was fine.   (Click on first picture.)

That’s great, don’t you agree?  But if you were to ask me an open ended question, you would probably draw a different conclusion. (Click on second picture.)

I am lucky I can laugh at this!!!!

Another Endorsement!!!

I love how these come when I am having an “off” day. The flu is happening in MY house and we ALL are sick!!!  But this latest praise really said it all:

Gordon’s presentation was not only inspirational, it was entertaining. His story alone is captivating and he tells it in a way that is both somber and humorous. His use of technology was fun and engaging, and he employs strong audience participation. At the end of the presentation we all came away with the foundation of a personal plan to move forward in our own lives whether professionally, personally or both. Gordon was funny, entertaining, serious, engaging – one of the best speakers we’ve had. I highly recommend him.

Laura Cleland
Communications & Operations Director
Association of Oregon Counties

Was I super fantastic???


I finished speaking at a meeting in Eugene…and I will have to wait for an answer next week.

All this energy;  all this enthusiasm; everyone doing there exercises…  I couldn’t believe it!

The were a two NEW things I tried. For the FIRST time…ok the real FIRST time was in Seattle and my presentation didn’t work…I tried giving them the exercises so they could vote with their smart phones.  It was a little shaky, but it worked.  I didn’t pause enough between questions and I should had something clever to say about the winner…  A book would have been nice.  Next time!

Then, right before I finished, I mentioned how to get my FREE BOOK and the SECRETS part of my website.  I THINK it went well, but I have to ask Laura, who hired me  to speak at her event.  I call her next week….after she has a weekend of much needed rest.

But my key measure: I asked my wife and she said it was GREAT.  For me, this was a thumbs WAY up!

How Did I Do???


During the preparation of this speech, I was getting nervous. I was forgetting some major points and I often forgot where I was in my presentation.

This made me quite concerned. Was I not prepared?  Or worse…was I forgetting things that I once knew?   These sort of things bother me know.

So I went into the speech with a LITTLE doubt.  I must admit: I was worried.

But the audience was great…and they gave me ANOTHER standing ovation!

As I was writing this, I received this email from one of the people in the audience:


Your story moved my soul!  What an amazing spirit you have and what a soul mate in your sweet Jill!  She should have received a standing ovation also – I am sure you agree.

I look forward to your weekly posts and seeing your continued journey.

That made me happy!

It’s Time to Remodel!

At least we didn't take it down to the studs.

Remodel?  Right in the middle of your public speaking?


At least we didn’t take it down to the studs!  We spent A LOT of time watching Fixer Upper and figure “how hard can that be.” We had the chance to move into a house that needed a little updating.  Jill and I thought “this will just take a few days” and would cost under $20,000.

Then we hired someone who NEW what they doing.

We now have a designer, contractor, a painter, an electrician,a tile guy, a marmoleum expert, carpet guy, and others.  Our $20,000 budget is gone.

The good news: nothing is going to be changed…just updated. The builders put low quality finishes and now we are upgrading.  It will take a few months but we are excited. about the possibilities!

Now, I have to plan for my speech in San Diego this Thursday.  Wish me luck!






Nice words….


This is what Scott Lilley, of Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters said about us:

We invited Gordon and his wife Jill to speak at our Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters annual symposium. Gordon and Jill were engaging and their presentation was incredibly moving. Their story provided such a powerful message to all in attendance as to the importance of why we do what we do within the healthcare industry. Our attendees left the symposium both inspired and reminded about the value that they bring to their customers. It was an honor to have Gordon and Jill there with us to share their story.

Scott Lilley, ChHC® | Underwriting Manager
Delta Dental of Colorado
720-489-4724 Direct

The results of my “no visual” presentation are in…

shutterstock_400996384I spoke with the president of the company on Friday because I wanted his opinion first.  Since the employee feedback dropped significantly, I wanted to make sure that HE was impressed before I published the results. I expected about 200 responses; I got about 50.

So how did I do?

How would you rate the impact/usefulness of the presentation     8.6
This rating was ok, considering I had no visuals.  Could it be higher?  YES!

How useful were the exercises?    7.6
This area will need some work.  Only a few people can with pens.  In the future, we will hand out pens.  Also, the president suggested that we send out an emails telling them what we are doing and telling them to come prepared to write down just a few goals.  When I have that email prepared, I will send it to you for you feedback.

The Challenges you face

  • Setting goals
  • Never giving up
  • Develop consistent work process
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Having a strong faith
  • To keep going, even though the odds are against you
  • Perseverance
  • Not allowing failure to define you

This was really inspiring! We asked the people to write down their contact name and titles so we could send them a FREE copy of the book, Painful Blessings.  Only a third of them had a sales title.   That means, 67% came from a non-sales role!   That’s impressive.  The president suggested that I change the presentation slightly to make it more about being a professional.  This made sense and I will incorporate this in my next speech.

So I guess I did ok!  I can’t wait for the next time I do it; it will even be better!

Another result is in….

The results of the CAHU in Denver, CO are in!  In looking the other speakers numbers, I guess I did GREAT.  They ranged from 10% to 58%; I was the highest at 69%.

But even better, were the direct quotes. These were 3 of my favorites:

“This story and message was exceptional.  I appreciate the opportunity to hear it and be inspired by it.  Excellent choice.  I have already read to book.”


“I truly appreciated his speech – my husband and I are business partners as well – and we have just applied for Disability Insurance!  I truly appreciated his message, delivery and the book is fabulous!”


“Gordon and his spouse were the highlight of the day. Incredibly moving and everyone in attendance either left completely inspired or needing to check their pulse!” 

And of course, there was the negative:

“I did not see why this speaker was invited.”

At first, I was disappointed. But as I read his quotes about the other speakers, I felt pretty good!  Someone once said “a speech isn’t any good unless you have a negative comment”…or something like that.


How did I do???….


I really don’t want to know how I did!  I hate asked the questions when I know that it went so bad…but I must know how I can do better!

I was REALLY excited about my updated speech.  Unfortunately, they weren’t as excited!

I gave my presentation earlier in the year and the client gave me GREAT feedback.  Combine this with additional changes I have done …and I figured I would deliver an uplifting presentation. One of the things I did differently is the way I ask for feedback.  I was excited to try it out; this was going to give me GREAT feedback.

Too bad everything went wrong.

I was going to show you the slides I used in my speech.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my laptop to work.  So I guess people saying good luck does’t work all the time???

In looking at my FeedBack form, it was decided that a few things needed to change.  Originally, I was expecting about 200 responses.  But since I waited more then 1.5 weeks to give out the survey, I expect that number to dwindle to less than 75 . So keep your fingers crossed. On Wednesday, I expect the results back.  Good or bad, I let you know how it went.