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What are your Inner Powers?

We all have them. But sometimes we need to rediscover them.

Living a happier, more productive and successful life is why we need to strengthen our Inner Powers.

Here are three things you can take action toward gaining some strength on your Inner Power.

1. Define What They Are

Focus: Can you focus your attention on one major goal?

It is so easy to get off track these days. Things such as your computer and phone are notorious for taking your valuable time away from what is most important to you.

Being aware of this alone can be a huge benefit.

Also, once you have your goals defined, then carving out specific time to work on that goal, without any distraction, is key. Put it in your planner! Stay accountable to your planner.

Motivation: A driving power that is directing you toward moving ahead.

This is a key inner power that will move you in the right direction. Motivation is what will give you the push to take action toward what is most important.

You can create smaller goals and/or actions for the day. Once you attain them, it will motivate you to keep going.

Desire: Do you have the need to live a better life?

Wishful thinking isn’t enough for you to take action. Do you NEED to live a more productive and happy life?

Think about what will be said when you leave this planet…will others know that you moved forward despite your circumstances in life? What needs do you have that will push you to change and move forward?

Persistence: Continue in spite of difficult times.

Everyone has difficult times in their life. We all need to move forward. It is the people who move forward that endure to have a great life.

Finding your determination in continuing to move forward despite the troubling times is what will separate you from the average. Being persistent is the key to moving the needle upward in your life.

Discipline: It takes time and effort to achieve a productive life.

Once you have the discipline to set your goals (whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually) and take action toward them, you will be amazed at how they work out.

Yes, it takes time and effort, but that time is going to move whether you are moving toward a successful life or not. Intentional, dedicated practice is the key.

2. Build On Them

Think about what you wrote in the previous “Define What They Are” steps. Now, take these items and list what achievements you have had in each.

You might want to start by asking yourself “WHEN DID I HAVE THE MOST (Focus/Motivation/Desire/Persistence/Discipline) IN LIFE?”

What did you accomplish that had the biggest impact on your life?

Why did you achieve this?

Did you do something special?

Was it because it had an impact on another person?

What was the impact it had on you?

This is critical to discovering your own motivation and what is most imortant to you.

When did I have the most Focus in life? Why?

When did I have the most Motivation in life? Why?

When did I have the most Desire in life? Why?

When was I the most Persistent in life? Why?

When was I the most Discipline in life? Why?

3. Invest In Yourself

Just as you can rehabilitate your body after having a stroke, you can Strengthen Your Inner Power…But, you have got to invest in yourself.

Don’t leave this up to anyone else.

This is your life; let’s keep moving forward. You can change your thoughts. You can change how you feel. You can change the choices you make.

It’s time to “TAP” into yourself (Time/Accountability/Planning)

Time: Are you spending quality time investing in yourself?

Are you important? Of course you are! But it seems that we all spend so much time on non-important stuff.

I catch myself looking at my iPhone, or getting on the computer, just as a random thing to do at times. I realize that we can’t work all the time, but I want you to ask yourself if you are investing quality time in you.

Think through this past week…or better yet, track your time this week, to see what it looks like. Then, make some adjustments. Make a goal and take action.

Accountability: Have you created a way to take control of your own success?

In order to grow your long-term achievements, you need to build a culture of accountability.

At the end of the day, we must be accountable to ourselves. It takes a strategy to develop an accountability process that is personal and creates a way for you to effectively follow through.

·         Responsibility: Take Ownership – You have 100% Control on this!

·         Share your goals: Be specific and clear. Share with someone you can trust.

·         Measure it: There are many ways. Understand what works best for you.

·         Be willing to change: Know that it will take work and effort.

·         Build trust with yourself: This will happen as you make progress.

Planning: Have you developed a strategy in order to accomplish your goals?

Have you invested time in creating actions that will take you forward in life? And, are you doing this faithfully each quarter?

Without a plan, you will meander through life thinking you are making progress. Even if you are making progress, think of how much more you could do if you had a plan developed and stayed true to it.

Let’s get busy building your INNER STRENGTH!

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