My brain has a hole in it…does yours???

My Brain Has a Hole In It

Your life is fantastic!  In a few weeks, you arranged to take your family to a beautiful water park hotel. You are going to splash away in the indoor water park, explore activities and attractions throughout the resort, and experience delicious on-site dining too. How great is that?

Then, the unimaginable happens…and your life is changed forever!

My talk is about how being disabled took me out of my profession at 51 years old.  And yes, good did come out of it. Now I truly DO have message: You can CHOOSE to be happy. I take you through the challenges I face daily and take you though the joy that I NOW have everyday.

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” It forces us to think about our lives in a different way-both from a personal and professional stand point.  Change is a part of all of our lives, but we somehow think that terrible and traumatic events will never be a part of our lives.  You show us how we can overcome small and enormous adversity.”

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Putting Failure In Its Place
What is keeping you from realizing your potential? What can you do to increase your sales peoples’ commitment?  Are these common challenges YOUR challenges?

  • My team is afraid of cold calling
  • Employees are disengaged with the success of our company
  • Hesitant to aggressively compete in a highly competitive marketplace
  • Reluctant to embrace change
  • How to bolster relationships and attitudes through teamwork
  • Employees are facing personal challenges

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“The courage, determination, strength, and faith that you both have demonstrated is truly inspiring. And the discipline and drive you have shown in the face of profound adversity showed us all that with great effort, great accomplishments are possible.”

Hope and encouragement in the face of adversity are universal needs. Humor and compassion are key to you envisioning this life-changing experience.

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Gordon Viggiano was a healthy, active, no risk factor man who still managed to suffer a massive stroke on his 51st birthday.  As a lifelong entrepreneur and businessman, he always had a plan, but his plans never included something like this. Gordon Viggiano is the BEST inspirational, motivational and uplifting speaker on the planet. He is the disability guru and the Portland Oregon Speaker.